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Hakutaka Judging has been completed

We will officially announce the top winners at

The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art, Appreciating Sake event

The event will be held on September 14th, 2017 at

InterContinental® Osaka – Grand Front Osaka


Here is the 12 Winners:

Daas     Scott Mischa    Clifford Land   Seiji Kayama   Ronen Pollak   Maekawa Yoshinori
Yuki Katayama   Sachi Tamashima    Itciya Masakii   Abemiki   Heywood Yuki   Ukic Yamada

ART MEETS SAKE アートと酒の出会い)

HAKUTAKA (Hakutaka Co. Ltd.), brewers of refined sake and PATRONS OF THE ARTS have formed a partnership to encourage, promote and support art by allowing artists to decorate sake bottles, while planning a sake art event (The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art – Appreciating Sake) 

清酒の醸造者かつアートの奨励者である白鷹(白鷹株式会社)は、酒アートイベント(The Art of Sake:Appreciating Art-Appreciating Sake)を企画すると同時に、アーティストに酒のボトルのデコレーションをさせることで、アートの奨励、促進、そしてサポートをすべくパートナーシップを結ぶに至る。



。Proceeds from the Art of Sake event will be donated to Food Bank Kansai to support their food distribution projects for those in need.

The Art of Sake offers members and guests an opportunity to join in supporting our community service activities.





Dear Hakutaka Sake Art Contestants,

Thank you again for participating in this year’s Hakutaka Sake Art

Contest. We would like to inform you that judging has been completed and that top winners will officially be announced at

The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art, Appreciating Sake event which is scheduled

for September 14th at InterContinental Osaka – Grand Front Osaka


The planning team is a Kansai-based ensemble dedicated to creating a new concept experience of Art and Sake.


Senior Vice President of Hakutaka Sake Brewery Ltd, GM of Rokusuien, & the Foundation Director of Tatsuuma Collection of Fine Arts.

    Sumiko Tatsuuma

    Senior Vice President of Hakutaka Sake Brewery Ltd

    Brent is  Director of Language Programs at Konan University, Hirao School of Management (CUBE)

      Brent A. Jones

      Partner/Professor, Konan University, Hirao School of Management

      Food Bank Kansai  to support their food distribution to the needy

        Food Bank Kansai

        food distribution to the needy

        Royi Akavia Partner KOA Production founder Artists& Animator

          Royi Akavia

          Partner/Artist /Director of animation


          Sake Art Competition – Artists will create artwork directly on Hakutaka sake bottles.

          Sake Artコンペティション- 参加アーティストは白鷹酒のボトルに直接デコレーション・製作をしなくてはならない。

          ART & SAKE アート&酒

          The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art, Appreciating Sake (September 14th, 2017) will introduce participants to the wonders of Japanese Sake and will feature the 12 finalists and their profiles, decorated Hakutaka Sake bottles, paintings and Limited Edition A/P prints (signed and numbered).

          The Art of Sake: Appreciating Art – Appreciating Sake (2017年9月14日)では、 参加者に酒の魅力が紹介され、ファイナリスト12人のプロフィール、デコレーションされた白鷹酒ボトル、絵画作品とアーティストのサイン、ナンバー入り限定版プリントが展示されます。

          Our Sponsor

          Rica Bradshaw Otani is an established Real Estate Agent in Kobe. She has lived in the UK and Malaysia, and traveled extensively around Europe. She has a profound interests in art, design and architecture and attempts to integrate elements of these in her real estate projects. She is passionate about finding interesting architectures, old and new. She also has commissioned to sell some of the early works of Ando Tadao. She is one of the main sponsors of the Hakutaka Sake Art Competition and The Art of Sake event, both of which are organized by KOA Production.



          AWARD CEREMONY 授賞式

          A celebratory event “The Art of Sake – Appreciating Art, Appreciating Sake” is being planned for September 14th, 2017. The aim is to promote participating artists and raise awareness and appreciation of sake. All artwork bottles will be displayed with the artists’ profiles, and winning artists will be announced and presented with monetary prizes by Hakutaka executives and/or local celebrities or dignitaries.

          “The Art of Sake: Appreciating Art – Appreciating Sake”の授賞式は2017年春を予定している。このイベントに参加するアーティストのプロモーションとともに、酒についての認知度を高め、正しい評価をもたらすことを目標としている。全てのボトル作品は実際に展示され、アーティストのプロフィールも添えられる。さらに受賞者には、白鷹幹部、地元の高官から表彰・賞金贈呈が授賞式にて授与される。


          The twelve winning artists will be featured in Hakutaka promotional materials.

          These artists will be invited to submit original artworks that incorporate the Hakutaka logo.

          Selected art will be featured on limited runs of Hakutaka sake for distribution in Kansai and beyond.

          Depending on the success of the competition and event, further projects will be planned.


          Hakutaka Collection

          The art competition by Japan-based artists, both local and international.

          A panel of judges made up of Hakutaka representatives

          HAKUTAKA SAKE - A refined culture of SAKE appreciation


          The Art of Sake: Appreciating Art – Appreciating Sake

          Winning artists will be featured in promotional materials and invited to design labels for a limited run of bottle.




          435 435





          Sachiko Tamashima
          Itciya Masaki
          Hiramatsu Taiki
          Yamada Ukic
          Yusuke Okamoto
          Clifford Land
          Mischa Scott
          Maya Wachtel
          Maekawa Yoshinori
          Kayama Seiji
          Katayama Yuki
          I Anna
          Heywood Yuki
          Fasone Matthew
          Morioka Azumi((Ami)
          Ronen Pollak

          OUR SPONSORS

          Patrons of the Arts

          Art and Sake BLOG

          Original artwork submitted by the artists will be featured here.

          Feb 2017


          by artandsake in Art...
          Feb 2017

            DAAS is an American artist based in the US (Florida) and Japan (Kyoto). He graduated with a degree in commercial art / graphic design in Clearwater, Florida where he maintains a studio while in the US. His work and Read more...

          by artandsake in Art...
          Nov 2016
          Heywood Yuki

          YUKI HEYWOOD Interior Designer ・ Planner ・ Product Designer 京都嵯峨美術短期大学・インテリアデザイン科卒業 韓国ソウル梨花女子大学(装飾美術学科)にて研修 大阪芸術大学(デザイン学科)にて研修 神戸・北野を中心に, 住まいや店舗の企画及びインテリアデザイン、改装コンセプトデザイン、ロゴデザイン、イラストレーションなど活動しています。       Read more...

          by artandsake in Art...
          Feb 2017
          Clifford Land

            Clifford Land The Artist, the Man   Clifford Land is an artist born in Detroit, MI in 1955. Land started enjoying artwork even as a child. He attended art school in Detroit while still in high school, and had to ask his Read more...

          by artandsake in Art...
          Nov 2016
          Fasone Matthew

          Matthew Fasone is an American artist from New York City who has been living and working in Osaka, Japan since 2006. He creates assemblages and collages from found materials. His artwork is in several private collections and has been exhibited Read more...

          Feb 2017
          Hiramatsu Taiki


          by artandsake in Art...







          These twelve artists and their submissions will be featured in Hakutaka promotional material. The top three winners will receive monetary prizes as outlined on the www.artandsake.com website.




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